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Articles on Bengal Partition

Partition as a Method of Conflict Resolution

Kaufmann, Chaim
“Possible and Impossible Solutions to Ethnic Civil Wars”

Kumar, Radha
“The Troubled History of Partition”

Sambanis, Nicholas
“Ethnic Partition as a Solution to Ethnic War: An Empirical Critique of the Theoretical Literature”

Kundu, Tridib Santapa
“Partition as a Means of Conflict Resolution: A Case of the Bengal Boundary Commission and the Partition of Bengal, 1947”

Border, Border making and Borderland
Chester, Lucy
“The 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary” American Diplomacy, February 15 2002,

Schendel, Willem Van
“Working Through Partition: Making a Living in the Bengal Borderlands”

“Stateless in South Asia: The Making of the India-Bangladesh Enclaves”

Bharadwaj P,Khwaja A I & Mian A
“The Big March: The Nature of Migratory Flows during the 1947 Partition of British India”

Hill K, Seltzer W, Leaning J, Malik SJ, Russell SS
“The demographic Impact of Partition: Bengal in 1947”

South Asia Research Society, Calcutta
"Population Explosion in West Bengal: A Survey"

Partition and Environment
Rudra, Kalyan
“The Encroaching Ganga and Social Conflicts: The Case of West Bengal, India”

Banerjee, Manisha
“A Report on the Impact of Farakka Barrage on the Human Fabric: A study of the upstream and downstream areas of Farakka Barrage”

Victims of Partition: Refugees
Dipesh Chakrabarty
"Remembered Villages: Representations of Hindu-Bengali Memories in the Aftermath of the Partition"

Chatterjee, Nilanjana
“Interrogating Victimhood: East Bengali Refugee Narratives of Communal Violence”

Rahman, Md. Mahabubar and Willem Van Schendel
“‘I am not a Refugee’: Rethinking Partition Migration.”

Basu Raychoudhury, Anasua
"Life After Partition: A Study on the Reconstruction of Lives in West Bengal"

Kundu, Tridib Santapa
"Partition Experiences of the East Bengali Refugee Women"

Partition and the Muslim Minorities
Kundu, Tridib Santapa
"The Partition and the Muslim Minorities of West Bengal, 1947-1967"

Partition Memories, “Minoritization” and Discourses of Rootlessness in Jharkhand: A Comparison of Cross Border Displacement and “Invisible Refugees” in Ranchi Discrict

Bangal-Ghati conflict
Das Sharma, Amitava
“Football and the Big Fight in Kolkata”

Listen Anup Ghosal's song on the theme
"Mohanbagan East Bengale Khela Hoyeche"
(Mohanbaganer Meye)

Survey of Literature: Bengal Partition, 1947
Kundu, Tridib Santapa
“The Aftermath of the Partition of Bengal, 1947: A Historiographical Survey”

Poems on Partition (English)
Auden, W.H

Paul Muldoon
“The Boundary Commission”

Mannes, Marya
“Gaza trip”

Poems on Partition (Bengali)
Jibanananda Das and Taslima Nasreen

Cinemas on Partition
O'Donne, Erin
"Woman" and "homeland" in Ritwik Ghatak's films: Constructing post-Independence Bengali cultural identity"

Central Government Reports
Rehabilitation of Displaced Persons: First Five Year Plan
Rehabilitation of Displaced Persons: Second Five Year Plan

Websites, Blogs on Partition
Partition conflicts and Peace Processes
Partition Studies

Listen Poems of Bengal Partition
Achintya Kumar Sengupta

Listen Songs of Bengal Partition
Annadasankar Ray
"Teler Shishi Bhanglo Bole...."

Map of Partitioned Bengal (1947)

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